How to install and use the Lamden Wallet

Installing the wallet is simple.

Downloading the Wallet

The Lamden Wallet is a Browser Extension which can be installed for Edge, Chrome and Brave Browser. It is the only official wallet currently offered by

When clicking install, please ensure that you are being sent to the official Chrome Web Store.

  1. Click the Install Button Above
  2. (EDGE ONLY) Click enable 3rd Party Marketplaces on the top of the screen.
  3.  Press Add to Chrome or Add to Brave respectively.
  4. In the top right hand corner of the Browser click the puzzle piece icon.
  5. In the resulting popup menu click the pin icon next to the Lamden Wallet Entry.
  6. Click the lamden logo to launch the wallet application.

Setting up the Lamden Wallet

1. Click the Lamden Logo at the top right of your browser to open the wallet, this will open a new page.

2. On this page, you will be given the option to create a new wallet or to restore an existing wallet from a backup. Today, we will be creating a new wallet, so press the Create a Wallet button.

3. You will be prompted to enter a strong password, follow the prompts to create a good password that you do not use elsewhere. Remember that you must remember this password to unlock your wallets. 

4. Save the password, and click the prompt informing you that backing up your wallet is your responsibility.

Backing up the Lamden Wallet

We’re not done just yet, this is a vital step to ensure you never lose your wallet if your computer breaks or you uninstall the wallet from your browser.

1. Select the glowing “Backup Wallet” option from your wallet dashboard.
2. Select “Backup Wallet” on the right hand side.

Your Options

Option 1: Writing Down the Keys
You can opt to write down your Account Address and Private Key on a piece of paper, that you will securely store in a safe. Remember, if someone finds or steals this paper, they can access your funds.

To do this, select “View Keys” and write down the Account Address and Private Key for your Lamden TAU account.  This will only keep the TAU in your main account secure, but this is what most people need — It won’t keep any TAU that you’ve moved to new accounts for the purpose of interacting with dApps secure.


Option 2: Storing the Keystore on Physical Media.
You can Create a Backup File and burn that to a CD/DVD/BluRay or save it on a USB Stick.

Press “Create Backup File”, type a secure password and write that password down on a piece of paper.

Move the file to your storage media, and place the storage media, along with the paper password in a safe place.  Remember, if someone finds or steals the media and paper, they can access your funds.

It’s a good idea to keep two copies, in case the storage media you chose becomes faulty.

Lamden is not responsible for lost or stolen passwords


Receiving Funds

Now it’s the fun part. You can receive funds and spend TAU straight from the wallet. 

1. Click your account, on the main “Accounts” section of the wallet.
2. Select “Copy Address”.
3. Send your address to the exchange or friend who is going to send you some Lamden TAU.


Interested in buying Lamden TAU? Check out our guide.

Spending TAU

You can spend TAU directly from your wallet.

1. Click your account, on the main “Accounts” section of the wallet.
2. Select “Send TX”
3. Change the “Amount” to whatever number of TAU you wish to send.
4. Put your a lamden address in the TO field.
5. And press send!

If we’ve helped you out here, why not try out sending TAU to us by sending a few cents worth of TAU to 580e06531c4ed577afa80918cc5240d3067e9c929f1e9b08d6c55b1509b582cc