Paint Across the Blockchain with Lamden Paint

It's time to make your mark on Lamden by permanently adding your flair to the blockchain.

Lamden Paint BETA

A collaborative painting experience on the Lamden Blockchain. Everyone will be able to see your changes in near realtime, and it’s all powered by the superfast Lamden Blockchain.

More features will be rolling out soon to the front end as we travel through the BETA period for the Lamden Paint frontend.

How to use Lamden Paint

1. Make sure you have the Lamden Wallet installed and unlocked
2. Follow the prompts on the next page to create a Lamden Paint Wallet.
3. Move a small amount of Lamden TAU over to your new Lamden Paint Wallet. 

Once you’ve setup your Lamden Paint wallet, select your colour using the colour picker at the bottom of the screen. Then, zoom in to a clear section of the canvas, and double click anywhere to paint.

Alternatively, you can use the form fields at the bottom to more carefully construct your creation.

We’ve even seen some smart-contracts being deployed to paint wonderful pixel-perfect masterpieces across the Lamden Paint canvas.

How much TAU does Lamden Paint use?
A: Lamden Paint uses 4 stamps per pixel drawn. This is 0.11 TAU or less than a quarter of a cent.  

Q: How long does it take to see my painting on the blockchain?
A: Your art is instantly sent to the blockchain, but may take up to 8 seconds to render on the canvas. Don’t worry, your art is on its way! 

Q: It stopped working.
A: Please check your Lamden Wallet is unlocked and that you have TAU available in your Lamden Paint Wallet. If you continue to have issues, please email [email protected]

Please send all feedback and bugs to [email protected] 🙂

Built by Test Test and Luke.