Offline Wallet Generator

The offline wallet generator makes it easy for you to generate a wallet that you can write down or print off to securely store Lamden TAU long term.

We recommend reviewing the code of the wallet generator, by accessing it directly here, if you are technically apt. For the safety of your funds, please only use the lamden wallet generator on a secure computer & only keep copies of your wallet in a safe and secure place.

The wallet is generated locally on your computer. We never know the keys to your wallet — and it is your responsibility to keep it backed up and secure.

SK = Your secret key, keep this private! Anyone who has this can access your funds.
VK = Public Wallet Address, share this with anyone who needs to send you TAU.

Your Generated Wallet:

How to Backup Your Keys

Option 1: Writing Down the Keys
You can opt to write down your Account Address (vk) and Private Key (sk) on a piece of paper, that you will securely store in a safe place. Remember, if someone finds or steals this paper, they can access your funds.

Option 2: Storing the Keys on Physical Media.
You can Create a Backup File and burn that to a CD/DVD/BluRay or save it on a USB Stick.

Copy the text above to a text file, and save it on a storage media.

Place the storage media in a safe place.  Remember, if someone finds or steals the media and paper, they can access your funds.

It’s a good idea to keep two copies, in case the storage media you chose becomes faulty.

Lamden & are not responsible for lost or stolen keys.



How to Restore Your Keys into the Lamden Wallet

1. Create a new lamden wallet or open an existing wallet in your browser.

2. Select “accounts” on the left hand menu.
3. Select the “Add Account” button
4. Select “Lamden” as your Account Type, and Select “Add Existing”
5. Paste your Private/Secret Key (sk) into the field. Then name your account.
6. Save, and you’re done!