UseLamden Masternode Proposal and Policy

We understand that the Masternodes will be voted upon, and as such we’ve decided to move early a provide a clear vision for our proposed masternode and the policy goals of the masternode.

Policy Goals:
1. Support Lamden Development by advocating for a Lamden Team share of tx fees, however that looks. This % should start high and lower to 0 over time, as the currency contract should provide sufficient development rewards into the future.
2. 70% for Developers – I believe that developers should earn 70% of the reward for transactions occuring on their network. With the remaining TX fee to be shared with the network. This should be sufficient to incentivise building on the lamden platform — and can be used as a revenue source in itself without the need for actual transactions of TAU to occur.
3. Low stamp prices to spur growth.
4. Ensuring a high standard for masternode and delegate performance and bandwidth to ensure the network is extremely performant.
5. Ensuring that one person or group does not control more than one masternode.
6. Ensuring that a masternode is not located in the same facility as another masternode, for network security.

I hope you agree with these policy goals, and plan to support useLamden’s plans to operate a masternode.

Last updated 20/01/2021