Buy TAU with ETH

Send ETH, Get TAU. No exorbitant gas fees.

It can take up to 24 Hours to receive your TAU, as this is a manual over the counter process. 

Currently Offline

The UseLamden OTC desk is currently offline, it will be back online in 2-3 weeks once improvements have been made.

If you have an outstanding order you have not recieved:
Please email: [email protected] with your tx information.

It appears there was a bug with the desk that resulted in some orders getting lost in our system. Affected users will be compensated with 10% additional TAU and will have their order processed at the current rate if it is more favourable to them.

Total Price: ETH.
Current Rate: 0.00002763 ETH per TAU
3 TAU avaliable for sale currently.